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happy mother’s day


yesterday, this sweet boy came home with a surprise for me for mother’s day!


he made flowers in preschool and was so proud. : )

jonahinhospital 010






there’s nothing like being a mom.

happy mother’s day!

our family command center


today, i thought i’d share our family command center with you.

it’s constantly changing to fit our increasingly busy lives, but here’s what it looks like now.


it’s in the entryway of our house, near our front door.

and, it gets a ton of use. more than i ever thought it would.


the chalk board wall is below and the kids love it!


on the far left are pocket organizers from target.


on the pocket organizers i put a few yellow metal buckets to hold chalk and magnets. $1.oo each!


i also have orange binder clips to hold gift cards, coupons and receipts.


on the very top i store magazines and library books.

i love these pockets. they’re really useful!


to the right of those is a simple cork board i found at the goodwill years ago.

and, under that is a dry erase calendar with schedules on it.

it’s mostly just for my 4 year old , though.


next to the calendar is our “what’s up weekly board.”

we got the idea here. my son loves it!


he has so much fun moving the picture magnets.

it has really helped him learn his days of the week.

and, he loves to move the star, too!


and finally, more cork boards for pictures, art projects, notes and more.

i took 2 old canvases and put a thin layer of cork on top.

then i very simply (and sloppily) hot glued a nice thick fabric all the way around the edges while pulling it tight.

that’s it. easy peasy and pretty.

like i said before, our family command center is always changing and i’m sure i’ll add more to it soon.

stayed tuned! : )

baby chicks


every spring our grandma sam (my mother-in-law) gets a few of these sweet little girls.


and, this time she brought them by for a visit.


they’re so fluffy and sweet.


the kids love them.


But, who wouldn’t?

just look at that sweet little face.


and, this sweet little face.

my boy was so happy.


yes, i see chickens of our own in the near future. : )

a busy week


it’s been a very busy week.

the weather warmed up so we’ve spent a lot of time out and about.


it’s been lovely. just lovely.


we went to the library.

(the best part of the trip… the windows)


for the first time in weeks we had soccer practice.


and a week would not be complete without a trip to target. (and a trip to the snack bar)


i’ve also been hard at work trying to get my shop filled back up. yay!


i’ve been crafting. up to my elbows in fabric scraps. mmm… fabric scraps.


i decided our house needed some spring inside, too. so, i got to work making fabric garland.



they’re so pretty that i had to make a few and put them up all over the house.

simple and so sweet.


IMG_1026it was a stay inside kind of day.  (again.)

IMG_2250it was a build a fort kind of day.


it was an add new pins to my shop kind of day.


it was a 2:00 cup of coffee kind of day.


it was a snuggle dexter on the couch kind of day.


it was a watch your girl scoot around on the hardwood floors kind of day.


it was a make yummy rolls kind of day.

so, off i went.

i’ve been dying to try paula deen’s quick cloverleaf rolls and, like so many of her recipes,
they were fantastic.

oh, paula.

the best part is you make them with plain old refrigerated biscuits.


they took about 5 minutes to put together and they were kid approved!

i’ll be making these again and again.


spring snow & scrabble tile magnets

Snowy Jonahwell, it’s spring time in colorado and that usually means snow.

Snow Yard

Snow Storm in April of 2013

lots and lots of snow.

Snow Irislots of soggy coats, hats and mittens.Sleepy Iris and, plenty of steamy baths and hot meals to warm up my babes. Scrabble Tile Magnetsall that snow and sitting around the house was the perfect excuse to finally figure out what to do with my thrift store scabble tile. so, i went to work. IMG_2258i had a roll of magnets and i simply snipped and placed them on the back of each tile. easy peasy. IMG_2261 they don’t really hold anything up on the fridge, but my  4 year old son thinks they’re great. he’s been spelling small words for days now. see, he can hardly keep his hands (and dirty fingernails) off them for a picture.