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goodwill finds and chevrons in my shop!


lately, every time i swing by the goodwill i find something new i must have.

it calls out to me and asks me to take it home.

i swear it does.

no, seriously.

it does.

like, these beautiful blue ball jars!

all ten of them wanted to come home and pretty up my mantel.


and, this vintage globe.

it now lives on my file cabinet!


i’m in love with this wood box!

i’m not sure what it was original used for, but i’m storing all of our school supplies in it.


i found these glass pieces for our large shelf in the living room.

i filled the small guy with dried up sticks from our backyard.

bringing outdoor things in like rocks, sticks, shells and leaves is fun and always beautiful!


i also picked up these wire metal baskets to hold books on our new dresser.


this dresser was not a goodwill find…

it was FREE!

that’s right, FREE!

my mother-in-law was getting rid of it and asked us if we wanted it.

she loved it, but no longer had room for it.

so lovely!

so, does the goodwill call your name?

have you found anything that called out to you that you just had to take home?


oh, also…

we’re nearing the start of the school year and if you need a gift for a great teacher…

look no further!

i filled up my shop with sets of the cutest chevron pins!




download FREE 4×6 print!


“i can do all things through christ who strengthens me.”

philippians 4:13

jenny over at french press mornings is giving away a FREE 4×6 print!

visit to get yours.

you can also get an 8×10 or 11×14 print in her shop!

for this week this print will be featured at 40% off the original price!


i think i can always use a little bit of encouragment and be reminded his love for us.

a file cabinet re-do


over the last few days i’ve been cleaning and organizing like crazy.

wiping out the pantry,  packing up clothes the kids have outgrown,

re- arranging the laundry room and sorting through the toy bins.

(i feel like i finally have time now that we’re on summer break.)

so, the other day in the middle of my cleaning spree

(while  i was neurotically wiping off the bookcase)

i looked up and saw papers.

piles and piles of papers.

papers with no place to call home.

i knew we needed a place for these stacks and fast.



within minutes i was on craig’s list and found this file cabinet for $25.00!

it was just what i needed!

pure, sweet luck.

i went  to pick it up and on the way home grabbed a couple of cans of the most lovely teal spray paint.



and 2-3 coats later…


 here she is!

all painted up and looking oh, so sweet.

i love that color.

that lovely, lovely color.

be still my heart.


after i awkwardly drug it inside and got it into place

i stuck a dry erase board to the side using

 double-sided foam tape.


i then took some of jonah’s old flash cards

snipped them down to size

and slipped them into place.

the perfect finishing touch. : )


 i filled her full

(and i do mean full)

of those sky high stacks of papers.

and, i’m a much, much happier girl.

our family command center


today, i thought i’d share our family command center with you.

it’s constantly changing to fit our increasingly busy lives, but here’s what it looks like now.


it’s in the entryway of our house, near our front door.

and, it gets a ton of use. more than i ever thought it would.


the chalk board wall is below and the kids love it!


on the far left are pocket organizers from target.


on the pocket organizers i put a few yellow metal buckets to hold chalk and magnets. $1.oo each!


i also have orange binder clips to hold gift cards, coupons and receipts.


on the very top i store magazines and library books.

i love these pockets. they’re really useful!


to the right of those is a simple cork board i found at the goodwill years ago.

and, under that is a dry erase calendar with schedules on it.

it’s mostly just for my 4 year old , though.


next to the calendar is our “what’s up weekly board.”

we got the idea here. my son loves it!


he has so much fun moving the picture magnets.

it has really helped him learn his days of the week.

and, he loves to move the star, too!


and finally, more cork boards for pictures, art projects, notes and more.

i took 2 old canvases and put a thin layer of cork on top.

then i very simply (and sloppily) hot glued a nice thick fabric all the way around the edges while pulling it tight.

that’s it. easy peasy and pretty.

like i said before, our family command center is always changing and i’m sure i’ll add more to it soon.

stayed tuned! : )