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June 2013 archive

looks like we made it…


well, we made it through another week of summer.

at first, the thought of having this boy home all the time sounded like fun.

which, it was… for a while.

and then it just became a lot of work.

he is used to routine and there’s not as much routine in the summer months.

not to mention entertaining a 4 year old all the time is exhausting. : )

(that’s why god made them cute though, right? just look at that sweet pookie face.)


anyway, i knew we needed a little help so,

i made this chart.

i got the idea from my sister.

she said that they used something like it in her daughter’s 1st grade class and that it works wonders.

i thought we could give it a try

and it’s been fantastic for jones!

you start the day on green and you move up and down depending on behavior.

if he helps out around the house or does anything extra good he moves up a color.

and, if he acts up the clothes pin moves down and he misses out on something special.

(usually an afternoon show or something)


i stopped by the library the other day and grabbed p-dub’s book.

i needed a pick me up. : )

i’ve been meaning to read it for months.

i finished it and i loved it!

it is so funny, and  she seems like such a great wife and mom.

we’re best friends.

she doesn’t know it yet, though.


i love getting organized and i wanted a small board for our fridge to write meals on,

so that way i can remember what to make during the week.

i found this bad boy at target for $3.00!


every summer i try to pick up fall and winter clothes for the kids.

i love a good clearance rack.

 i found most of this stuff for a couple bucks at gymboree and crazy 8!


oh, yeah, speaking of cheap finds, that reminds me…

i also found some pillow covers at hobby lobby for $3.00 each!

they were on sale 50% off.

i just might be the cheapest person alive… ever.

i’m not alone here, right?

you’re frugal, too, right?

oh, never mind.


have a great weekend!

lazy summer days


how’s your summer going?

ours is good.

we’ve been super busy

doing lots and lots of nothing

and, it’s been great.


drawing with sidewalk chalk.


cookie baking.


sorting our cars.

(over and over)


snuggling. : )


movie watching.


taking long walks.

(well, as long as a 4 year old and 1 year old will allow)


flower picking.


and plenty of costume changing.


i also made this sweet wreath.


and, it’s in my shop.

please, stop in and take a look!

i hope you have a great day.

our daddy


not only is he an amazing husband,

but also an incredible father.


i thank god each and every day for him.


i don’t know how the 3 of us got so lucky. : )

Jonah 13- 14 months 040


he’s everything a father should be.


and we love him dearly.

happy father’s day, daddy!

thanks for all you do.

so grateful


the sweet little boy up there is my son and the adorable girls are my nieces.

my sisters and i were all pregnant at the same time.

it didn’t seem like that big of a deal then…


but, it’s pretty special now.


they all go to preschool together and have become best buddies.

they love each other.


4 is a pretty sweet age.

they’re always telling jokes

and making each other laugh.

making up songs.

playing make-believe.


i feel very blessed and grateful for these girls.

i’m so glad that they live so close and we can see them often.

i love that they’ll all grow up together and always have each other.


yeah, it’s pretty special now. : )

a file cabinet re-do


over the last few days i’ve been cleaning and organizing like crazy.

wiping out the pantry,  packing up clothes the kids have outgrown,

re- arranging the laundry room and sorting through the toy bins.

(i feel like i finally have time now that we’re on summer break.)

so, the other day in the middle of my cleaning spree

(while  i was neurotically wiping off the bookcase)

i looked up and saw papers.

piles and piles of papers.

papers with no place to call home.

i knew we needed a place for these stacks and fast.



within minutes i was on craig’s list and found this file cabinet for $25.00!

it was just what i needed!

pure, sweet luck.

i went  to pick it up and on the way home grabbed a couple of cans of the most lovely teal spray paint.



and 2-3 coats later…


 here she is!

all painted up and looking oh, so sweet.

i love that color.

that lovely, lovely color.

be still my heart.


after i awkwardly drug it inside and got it into place

i stuck a dry erase board to the side using

 double-sided foam tape.


i then took some of jonah’s old flash cards

snipped them down to size

and slipped them into place.

the perfect finishing touch. : )


 i filled her full

(and i do mean full)

of those sky high stacks of papers.

and, i’m a much, much happier girl.